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The Rhino Shop

IRF's online store is the perfect place for holiday shopping!  Flip-flop rhinos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, onesies, bracelets, and more are available for purchase. Check out the Rhino Shop today!

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When you shop Amazon Smile, Amazon will make a donation to The International Rhino Foundation.

Teacher Resources

Here you will find information resources for use by Teacher/Youth Leaders. Keep checking back as we will add more information soon!

  • Compendium of Rhino Resources and audio & video material for Teachers and Youth Leaders.
  • Rhino Cards Zimbabwe: The Rhino Cards are an education pack for children and teacher that were developed for use in Zimbabwe by the SADC Regional Program for Rhino Conservation. 
  • Rhino Cards Zimbabwe (Teachers Guide): The Teacher's pages contain additional information on rhino conservation issues and a section containing guildelines for the use of the Rhino Cards and suggested class exercises, 
  • Make Your Own Savannah: Color your own savannah and then place your animals in their habitat. Designed by Givskud Zoo.
  • IRF Posters: Download and print out 2 posters on rhinos and IRF's work to save them.
  • IRF Poster about the 5 rhino species
  • IRF Poster about IRF and it's work.
  • Get Involved! You can help rhinos! Visit our fundraising idea page to get ideas on how you can raise awareness about rhino conservation!