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Professional Resources

Tools for Rhino Professionals


Rhino Resource Center

 The Rhino Resource Center is the world’s best source of information about rhino conservation, research, veterinary medicine, and husbandry worldwide. The Rhino Resource Center collects all known publications and maintains archives on all published work on rhinoceros. Search the Rhino Resource Center for everything you ever wanted to know about rhinos - information, photos, and links to other rhino websites!


IUCN Species Survival Commission 
African Rhino Specialist Group

(IUCN Species Survival Commission)

The African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG), like its counterpart in the Asian Rhino Specialist Group (AsRSG) is among the 100+ Specialist Groups in the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of IUCN - The World Conservation Union. Both the AfRSG and AsRSG have developed Action Plans for conservation of rhino species in their regions. These action plans provide very specific recommendations and propose detailed projects with the goal of ensuring survival and recovery of all rhino species and subspecies. The AfRSG is based at the KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service in South Africa where Chairman Dr. Michael Knight and Scientific Officer Dr. Richard Emslie are located.  . 

Asian Rhino Specialist Group
(IUCN Species Survival Commission)

The Asian Rhino Specialist Group (AsRSG) was formed within the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) at its Bangkok meeting in 1979. Professor Ruedi Schenkel was the first AsRSG chair. He advocated strongly for preparation of Asian Rhino Conservation Plan for range countries. Since 1982, numerous meetings of the AsRSG have been held. The Asian Rhino Action Plan was published in 1989, edited by then-AsRSG chair Mohd Khan bin Momin Khan. This action plan was refined in the updated, “Asian Rhinos Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan” edited by Dr. Thomas J. Foose and Dr. Nico van Strien in 1997. . 

Rhino Husbandry
One of the best resources for rhino husbandry information is the AZA Rhino Husbandry Manual (M. Fouraker and T. Wagener, eds.). Funding and support for this publication was provided by the IRF, the AZA Rhino Taxon Advisory Group (TAG), White Oak Conservation Center and the Fort Worth Zoo. This manual was designed provides a guide to captive management of the three most common species of rhinoceros currently held in institutions worldwide: the white rhino, the black rhino and the greater one-horned rhino. It includes chapters on taxonomy and conservation status, management and behavior, design, health, nutrition and research, as well as appendices on general rhinoceros behaviors (a manager's ethogram), information specific to Sumatran rhinos, and data needed. The Manual is available through the Rhino Resource Center – but check back with us early in 2013 – an updated version is now under development!